Svemirko Film and Audiovisual Art Productions was co-founded in 2019 by Venice Atienza (Philippines) and Fan Wu (Taiwan) with the aim to direct and produce creative documentaries with strong personal stories. The word ‘’Svemirko” originates from the former Yugoslavian region. It translates to “dear little universe” or “a person from the cosmos” in English. Our ambition is to bring to life stories that open up universes that are often forgotten or disregarded.

We are currently producing Atienza’s film Last Days at Sea, which premiered at the 71st Berlinale – Generation, it had its first public screenings in Visions du Réel, and HotDocs. The film was awarded the IDFA Bertha fund Classic in 2019. The film also won awards at DMZ Rough Cut Presentation and Visions du Réel Rough Cut Lab. In parallel, we are also producing Wu’s film XiXi, which was awarded the National Documentary Production Fund in 2019. In 2020, the project XiXi won Development Prize for the Best Female Director at Dok Leipzig’s Dok Industry. XiXi is also part of Circle Women Doc Accelarator. Both projects have been invited to participate in film markets around the world including Visions du Réel, LisbonDocs, Docedge Kolkata and Docs By the Sea Indonesia. We are alumnae of IDFA Academy and are members of the Documentary Association of Europe.


Fan WU (1991, Taiwan)​ is a writer, director and producer for documentaries and audiovisual art. In her works, she has a personal care for human agency and freedom of choice.

She is an alumna of CIRCLE – Women Doc Accelerator, Rotterdam Lab, IDFAcademy, and European MFA program DocNomads. She co-founded SVEMIRKO FILM with Filipino filmmaker Venice Atienza.

Their first production LAST DAYS AT SEA, directed by Venice ATIENZA, premiered in 71st Berlinale and was selected for Visions du Reel 2021 and Hot Docs 2021. She is directing her first feature, “XiXi”, which was awarded the Development Prize for the Best Female Director from the Saxon State Minister for the Arts in DOK Leipzig 2020, and is showcased in Cannes Doc 2021. She is a member of DAE- Documentary Association of Europe.

Venice Atienza (1989) is a Filipino documentarist whose curiosity is observing how life transformations are carried out through everyday mundane actions.

To create a space for author driven documentaries, she co-founded Svemirko Film and Audiovisual Art Productions with Taiwanese Director and Producer, Fan WU. She’s an alumna of the DocNomads Erasmus Mundus Program.

Her first feature film, Last Days at Sea premiered at the 71st Berlinale, Visions du Réel 2021, and Hot Docs and is supported by the IDFA Bertha Fund. It won a grant from DMZ Docs Rough Cut Presentation. The film won awards at Visions du Réel – Rough Cut Lab 2020, and the Docs by the Sea Editing Lab where it gained support from BODA Media Group (South Korea). The film was also presented at the Hong Kong Asia Film Financing Forum, and Docs by the Sea. Last Days at Sea is part of the IDFA Project Space 2020.

She is currently producing Taiwanese film director Fan WU’s documentary entitled “XiXi” which is currently part of CIRCLE – Women Doc Accelerator 2020 and is showcased in Cannes Doc 2021. She’s a member of DAE- Documentary Association of Europe.

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