Svemirko Film Productions was co-founded in 2019 by Venice Atienza (Philippines) and Fan Wu (Taiwan) with the aim to direct and produce creative documentaries with strong personal stories. The word ‘’Svemirko” originates from the former Yugoslavian region. It translates to “dear little universe” or “a person from the cosmos” in English. Our ambition is to bring to life stories that open up universes that are often forgotten or disregarded. We are currently producing Atienza’s film Last Days at Sea, which is awarded the IDFA Bertha fund Classic in 2019. In parallel, we are also producing Wu’s film XiXi, which was awarded the National Documentary Production Fund in 2019. Both projects have been invited to participate in film markets around the world including Visions du Réel, LisbonDocs, Docedge Kolkata and Docs By the Sea Indonesia. We are alumnae of IDFA Academy.

Fan Wu is an independent filmmaker from Taiwan. In her works, she has a personal care for human agency and freedom of choices in the reality that she and her contemporaries live in.

She is an alumna of IDFAcademy and DOC NOMADS Joint Master Degree in Documentary Filmmaking. She is producing Venice Atienza’s Last Days at Sea ( IDFA Bertha Fund ) and Lo Yi-Shan’s After the Snowmelt (DMZ Development Fund). She is now participating in CIRCLE – Women Doc Accelerator 2020 with her first feature, XiXi. She is a member of DAE (Documentary Association of Europe) and Taipei Documentary Filmmakers’ Union.

Venice is a documentary film maker and photographer. Since she was little, stories have been a way for her to encounter life. The spoken words, and shared images build bridges for her to the world of others.

She graduated from the University of the Philippines Film Institute in 2012. In 2015 – 2017, she was accepted into the 4th Edition of the Doc Nomads Joint Masters in Documentary Film Directing which takes place in Lisbon, Budapest and Brussels. She is in production for the film, “Under the Stars”. She lives between Manila and Mumbai.