“Legend of the Fish” at the Tribeca Film Institute IF/Then Shorts Pitch Competition at Docs by the Sea

“Legend of the Fish” at the Tribeca Film Institute IF/Then Shorts Pitch Competition at Docs by the Sea

In May 2018, the team of “The Legend of the Fish” (now “Under the Stars”) was first presented, developed and pitched during the Tribeca Film Institute “If/Then Shorts Pitch Competition” at Docs By the Sea. The program was held at Ashley Hotel in Jakarta.

The film was one of the ten finalists that moved on to the next round of pitching at Docs By the Sea to be held in Bali, Indonesia in August 2018.

We are grateful to In-Docs, Tribeca Film Institute, and to the whole team of Docs By The Sea for giving us this opportunity.

Published by Svemirko Film Productions

Svemirko Film Productions was co-founded in 2019 by Venice Atienza (Philippines) and Fan Wu (Taiwan) with the aim to direct and produce creative documentaries with strong personal stories. The Croatian word ‘’Svemirko” literally translate to “dear little universe” in English. Our ambition is to bring to life stories that open up universes that are often forgotten or disregarded. We are currently producing Atienza’s film Last Days at Sea, which is awarded the IDFA Bertha fund Classic in 2019. In parallel, we are also producing Wu’s film XiXi, which was awarded the National Documentary Production Fund in 2019. Both projects have been invited to participate in film markets around the world including LisbonDocs, Docedge Kolkata and Docs By the Sea Indonesia.

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