“Last Days at Sea” heading to Rough Cut Lab at Visions du Réel 2020

Prior to moving to Lisbon, I did not know much about how festivals worked. However, I wanted to learn. For many nights, I would search online, about film festivals for documentaries, and how the industry program worked, and what kind of documentaries are being made out there. That’s where I first learned about Visions du Réel. In 2017, while we were in the last semester of DocNomads, we were given the chance to attend Visions du Réel as part of their student’s program. I remember being very excited,  because I can finally afford to go to Visions du Réel coming from Lisbon. A few weeks later, I was in the middle of filming the graduation film, and realised that the festival would coincide with the filming in front of me. In the end, bookings were cancelled and so was the thought of going to VDR.

In the years that followed I would hear about VDR and its programs. I felt very happy when my friends’ films had their premiers there. When their films entered the library, it made me very hopeful. It gave me the idea that it was possible to be one day part of VDR to watch the selection of films as well as come with a project that is close to our hearts.

So, it is with a great pleasure for us to say that Last Days at Sea would be part of this year’s Rough Cut Lab. During this editing stage of film making, we had faced a lot of doubts and challenges. But behind these, were opportunities waiting for us to try. Things to do that we didn’t imagine we could do with the film.

Thank you to Visions du Réel for this opportunity and for creating this safe space during this time of great global uncertainty. Even if we cannot be together physically during these moments, through the internet, our minds and spirits can go where the body cannot. 

For years we have been fans of VDR’s program (When she had access, Fan would watch as much of the library as she can).  This year, we have a unique opportunity to be able to access the films free and online on their page. Please come, visit, and take the chance to watch films.

Visions du Réel – International Film Festival Nyon 2020