Thirst for freedom united me, a timid filmmaker, and my friend XiXi, a provocative improvisation artist. The long-distance friendship is kept alive by years of video-diary exchanges across Eurasia. Our relationship is tested when I am alerted by the price of emancipation, and she insists to remain uncompromising.

Co-Written by Wan-Ru YANG (XiXi) and Fan WU
Director Fan WU
Producer Venice ATIENZA and Fan WU
A Svemirko Film Production

Forums – Markets – Workshops:
Upcoming Rotterdam Lab, 2021
DOK Leipzig CoPro Market – SMWK Prize, 2020
CIRCLE Women Doc Accelerator 2020
Lisbon Docs, Portugal 2019
AsiaDoc, Indonesia 2019
Doc Edge Kolkata, India 2019
Docs Port Incheon – DocSpirit Award, Korea 2018

The film is supported by:
National Culture and Art Foundation of Taiwan
Incheon Film Commission, South Korea
Film Development Council of the Philippines
Saxon State Minister for the Arts, Germany

Published by Svemirko Film Productions

Svemirko Film Productions was co-founded in 2019 by Venice Atienza (Philippines) and Fan Wu (Taiwan) with the aim to direct and produce creative documentaries with strong personal stories. The Croatian word ‘’Svemirko” literally translate to “dear little universe” in English. Our ambition is to bring to life stories that open up universes that are often forgotten or disregarded. We are currently producing Atienza’s film Last Days at Sea, which is awarded the IDFA Bertha fund Classic in 2019. In parallel, we are also producing Wu’s film XiXi, which was awarded the National Documentary Production Fund in 2019. Both projects have been invited to participate in film markets around the world including LisbonDocs, Docedge Kolkata and Docs By the Sea Indonesia.

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